Brazilian families, explained in a general way, are big families composed 0f people who are co-blood or just united by love. (like boyfriends. girlfriends, husband or wife…) or friends that are so close that became a part of the family.

We always celebrate and not like a big party, but for brazilian families, a simple reunion with food is a party kkk, anyway, we celebrate everything. If it’s someone’s birthday, we celebrate! If someone is getting a promotion at work, we celebrate! If Someone takes ten in a test, we celebrate! When it is june/july, it’s junine party time! If we are on vacation, we celebrate!!! kkkk We try to be positive people, and we want to be happy, and always be thankful for our conquests. But besides that, our big point is to be together, so we invent any excuse to stay together. And besides gossip, little discussions, we always let it go (only if it is possible, because we should not tolerate toxic people even in our families) and forgives in the name of the family.

Thinking about these definitions of brazilian families, it is possible to mention how my family relates to that. I hope that you like it. I have a big family, and like a brazilian family we always want to be together. As I said before, I have a big family which is divided into my mother’s family and father’s family. In my everyday life I’m with my mother’s family, because my grandparents are my neighbours, and one of my mother’s brothers lives in the backyard of my grandma’s house. So we always see each other, and everyday, we go to my grandma’s house, first, to check if my grandparents are fine or need something, and second because they like to have their house full of their grandchildren (my case) and great grandchildren (yes, my cousins have babies kkk). So everytime we can, we go to their house, have a coffee in the afternoon and chat.

Now, talking about my father’s family, we live closer, but not so close like my mother’s family and because of that I don’t see them with frequency. We only see each other on the birthday of someone or at lunch on Sundays… but we always chat online on whatsapp.

In conclusion, talking about brazilian families, sometimes it is hard to live together with a lot of people, because living together is HARD! But, despite this, it is very funny and I feel loved and happy when I stay with them.

Developed by Maria Paula Fonseca Ribeiro, resident of Duque de Caxias and student of English I at CLAC.


Project developed by English 1 students at CLAC/UFRJ, Class 108 | We aim at discussing the diversity and plurality of Brazilian families!